Club Basics - How It Works


If you love seafood and have had enough with crazy prices of seafood at the supermarkets?... You just hit the jackpot! The Seafood Club is seafood direct to you just like the restaurants get. You save up to 50% off... That's right, you read it right. So how do we offer this. We have the relationships with the fisherman as our Founder James Hilborn travels to some of the finest fishing towns on the pacific coast to secure the best catches for his Seafood Club members.

So, how do you get your product, is there a store? The short answer is NO, we do not have a store you can physically browse through. However, this webstore is the best up to date information source for you to order your seafood on line. Once ordered, you can pick it up or have it shipped.

So you must be thinking "Shipping Seafood?" how doe that work. We have been in the business for 25 years and have packaging designed to stay ice cold for quick deliveries. Besides, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we take care in making sure you and your whole family loves seafood for a lifetime.

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